Cardano founder: Africa offers massive potential for DeFi

According to Charles Hoskinson, the “DeFi revolution” is emanating from the African continent.

Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson predicts that the decentralized financial services (DeFi) space will add 100 million new users over the next three years as the industry gains a foothold in developing countries

“Who is giving credit in these countries? Who will take out insurance in these countries? Who will offer payment services in these countries? At least not a guy who lives in New York, ”as Hoskinson explains in an exclusive interview with Cointelegraph.

The Cardano blockchain network, which was founded by Hoskinson, wants to become one of the leading players in decentralized financial services by tapping into a large user base, especially in Africa.

According to Hoskinson, the DeFi industry still lacks users, although he sees little chance of reaching a critical mass in Western countries, as the legal framework here is too restrictive.

In developing countries, the legal situation would be far more flexible, which would accommodate the DeFi’s enthusiasm and speed of innovation

“There’s no JPMorgan Chase there. There is no big, established financial system that controls everything, ”he adds.

But this would also be advantageous for the populations in developing countries, because the DeFi “open the door to the financial markets for the poorest people in the world”, which enables them to build up wealth or protect their existing wealth.

“That is exactly what we developed Cardano for,” concludes Hoskinson.

You can watch the full interview with Charles Hoskinson on Cointelegraph’s YouTube channel.

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